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As a kid, living in a rural part of South Africa, my life was all about painting with my dad, scrabbling 'weird' images, spending time in nature, and swimming in the Crocodile River. My life revolved around exploring my surroundings and being creative, collecting birds fallen out of a nest...:)

I spend most of my time painting and connecting to the world I live in right now. My life is about my career as an Artist, perfecting my craft, pushing myself to be a better artist every day.

My technical skills developed through the love of art, working with multiple mediums painting constantly, reading about the subject. I am self-taught but fortunately, I have a mother that is a trained artist and she was always there to help out, even today I go to her for advice.

My main subject is animals and when I look at them I see perfection, but we live in a not so perfect world. That contrast is beautiful to me. It gives me what I need to appreciate the perfection and vulnerability of animals. My goal as an artist is to paint that contrast so that the viewer sees the beauty as I see it. My biggest wish is to inspire change to make our world a better place.

I hope that you can see my authenticity and emotions. My humble wish is that you can connect with my work...and that you have pride and happiness from owning an original Ella Botha.

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